Getting more organic SEO traffic to your articles and Shopify blog posts

By Ilana Davis

A customer asked me recently about how to start working on his writing for SEO.

But for articles, how does JSON – LD for SEO help to improve the SEO and make it more discoverable? Is there anything that I should do when writing and preparing articles to complement the App?

Let’s start with a general answer and then I’ll answer specifically about my app.

One of the core factors Google uses to evaluate a page is the content. They check a lot of things in it but the quantity and quality both matter. This has always been true but it’s become more important in the last few years as search engines have closed old loopholes.

The first advice I’d give you is to make sure every page has as much useful content as possible. Write as much as you can, but don’t write poorly just to have more. The writing doesn’t have to be "published author" level, just useful and understandable. If you want a number to aim for, 300 words per page is a good target to start with though feel free to write 3,000 or even 10,000 words if it’ll be useful for your customers.

That will give your articles a major boost to discoverability and could improve your rankings too.

Now for JSON-LD for SEO.

Once you have the structured data in place from my app, Google will include that in their analysis.

The higher value they place on your articles, the faster and better chance your articles will get article Rich Snippets or Rich Cards.

When you get those a few things can happen:

  1. You could get extra things showing up in the search result, like a photo or authorship line. (Rich Snippet)

  2. You could have your articles "pulled up" out of the search results and shown at the top of the page with the image (Rich Card).

  3. Your article could become a Featured Snippet where it’s pulled up to the top result and an extract from the article appears by itself (sometimes with an image). Below is an example from my own site for this, notice it’s above everything else and also in the #1 spot at the bottom too.

Having structured data like from JSON-LD for SEO can make these possible. Not every article will get these. It depends on what Google thinks about the page, but the higher quality the article, the better chances you’d have.

Though I can’t promise any results with it, after seeing the additional traffic and sales some customers are getting to their products and articles, installing JSON-LD for SEO might be one of the highest ROI decisions you make today.


Get more organic search traffic from Google without having to fight for better rankings by utilizing search enhancements called Rich Results.

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