Find performance and SEO issues in your Shopify store using Google's Lighthouse browser tool

A couple of months ago, Google updated their Lighthouse software to perform some SEO checks.

Lighthouse is a free and open-source Chrome extension that is useful for Shopify stores.

I ran it on my own homepage and the results were interesting.

Unlike Google PageSpeed which tends to favor huge sites and give performance advice for the 1% of the web, Lighthouse reported on a few performance things that actually make sense for my website and Shopify sites in general. I could see it being a easy way to get objective data on how your store performs.

The SEO audit was also quite good, though like all automated single-page audits its checks were limited.

Example Lighthouse report

It was interesting to see them call out structured data as an important best practice to check. Just goes to show that Google is putting more importance on mobile and structured data.

If you have no idea how to audit your store’s structured data or you’re at a loss for what do it with it, I might be able to help.

My app, JSON-LD for SEO, is the easiest and safest option in the Shopify app store to automatically add the structured data your store needs. It only takes a few clicks to install it and have it start working on your behalf.

(Though there are a few optional options you can optionally use too, if you decide to exercise that option)

Already trusted by over two thousand stores, it’s among the top SEO apps overall.

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