Factors that influence your Shopify store's product Rich Results

By Ilana Davis

The SEO industry has pretty much figured out what factors make general SEO work. These are the things that search engines look for and use to determine how your site will appear in the results.

There’s less known about the factors Google uses for Rich Results and Rich Snippets though.

Here’s a few things I’ve found that positively influence your Rich Results. Doing and having these will help your store.

  • Popular brand with brand name searches (e.g. Apple, Best Buy, Amazon).
  • Moderate amount of text content on the page. At least 300 words of unique content, though the more the better.
  • Structured data in JSON-LD.
  • Structured data without any warnings or errors (errors can block that data from being read).
  • All variants and product options listed on the page and in the structured data.
  • Unique urls in the structured data for each product and variant.
  • The Product ID different than the product url (Google silently made this change and many apps didn’t even notice).
  • Product reviews from real customers.

In addition there are a few negative factors that will slow things down. I’m not going to re-list the opposites of the previous list so make sure you meet all of those too.

  • Missing structured data.
  • Complex data linking or data embedding.
  • Changing url structures and canonical urls.
  • Fake reviews, which could even get you banned from the results for spamming.

Additionally another major factor is how your page is treated by the regular SEO ranking factors in-general. A great page with strong SEO signals will tend to get Rich Results faster than usual.

JSON-LD for SEO has been optimized by me so your store can get the best Rich Results possible (and it stays well within Google’s guidelines).

It’s the easiest and safest option in the Shopify app store for Rich Results.


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