E-commerce Blunders - Bingo Style

By Ilana Davis

Is this you? – You have a website. People visit, sometimes. It’s been a few years since you’ve made changes, it’s up and it works – mostly. You have noticed that sales are not great and traffic is either dwindling or never amounted to much.

Perhaps you’re thinking about making changes to your store, but it’s not your expertise. Even if you wanted to make a change, you’re not sure what to change to move the needle. Since business isn’t booming, you can’t afford a pricey redesign that will take months.

I’ve got a fun game for you to play. Go ahead, take a break. You deserve it.

It will take 10 minutes!

Shopify Blunders - Bingo Card

Download the Shopify Blunders Bingo Card. No opt-in required!

For each of these, you find on your site, mark a box. The more boxes you have checked, the more friction there is on your Shopify site.

I’m curious about how many BINGOs you get. Let me know or tell me how many squares you had to check off.

These are all things you can solve!

Don’t redesign your Shopify site. Rescue it!

I’ll diagnose the friction your customers may be experiencing similar to this bingo game, fix the issues, and boost conversions while I’m at it.

Many small fixes to your existing Shopify theme with a Website Rescue can turn a poor performing site into a brand new site without a costly redesign.


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Linking Llama

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