Delight your customers and boost sales while you're at it

By Ilana Davis

School is back in session, the holidays are a wrap. Back to reality.

We live in the Willamette Valley so my daughter’s class is learning about land formation. More specifically, valleys and their characteristics. Which got me thinking.

For many Shopify stores, the months following the sales peaks (e.g. holidays) can feel like valleys. Deep, deep valleys.

Of course, we know that at some point, you’ll cross the valley and find another peak to summit.

This can feel like a trek. In the winter months, you may wonder if you’ll become the Donner Party before finding another peak. Especially after this holiday season where packages were taking FOR-EV-ER to arrive.

In the moments of valleys, it’s even more important to come up with new ways to drive traffic to your Shopify store.

Customer Appreciation events are a fun way to increase traffic. Especially when customers may be unhappy due to shipping delays.

Customer Appreciation campaigns could run the gamut and could be as long or as short as you’d like. Here are a few low-cost ideas:

  • 21% off to celebrate the new year.
  • A free sample with every order.
  • Double points or triple points.
  • A handwritten personalized note with every order.
  • Discounts to share with friends.
  • A random free shipping day.
  • Daily deals where a product is only on sale for one day.
  • Access to a new VIP program to test new products.
  • 20% off their next order when customers snap a photo, share it on social media, and tag your business.
  • Feature customers on your blog or social media.
  • Partner with another Shopify store, giving a free sample for all orders placed on each other’s store.

You can also start up a reoccurring appreciation event on the third Thursday of every month.

For most Shopify stores, sales valleys are usually February-April and again in September. Obviously, you know your peaks and valleys better than I do, this is a general approximation.

If that’s you and you want to do a Customer Appreciation event, start planning and preparing your Shopify site for an influx of traffic.

Get your Shopify site to it’s best with a Website Rescue, a quick project to optimize for conversions. A Website Rescue will help your customers feel even more appreciated, allowing them to get through the checkout process without friction.


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