Comparison between Rich Snippets, Rich Cards, and the upcoming Rich Results

By Ilana Davis

I’m asked about the differences between Google’s Rich Cards and Rich Snippets quite often with JSON-LD for SEO.

They are two different Google search enhancements that appear differently. The confusing thing about them is many people mix them up (including Google’s Search Console).

Rich Snippets are when Google enhances an existing search result to have more data shown. Here’s an example of one with reviews, a price range, and the product availability.

product Rich Snippet

Rich Cards are when Google adds a separate search result up above the other natural results.

For example, recipes show Rich Cards very often on mobile in a carousel format where you can swipe through them.

Example of a Rich Result Recipe Carousel

Articles and blog posts also can show Rich Cards as a carousel or as a list, usually for new items.

Article Rich Snippet and Rich Card examples

Structured data like JSON-LD drives both Rich Snippets and Rich Cards but the type a given page uses is determined by the type of structured data and Google’s algorithm.

For example, product data will only get Rich Snippets. Articles and blog posts can get either Rich Snippets or Rich Cards.

Rich Results are yet another system that Google has been slowly releasing since winter of 2017. It’ll combine both Rich Snippets and Rich Cards into one system but with different types for each. e.g. a Product Rich Result, an Article Carousel Rich Result.

During the transition to Rich Results things will be confusing because different terms will be used for the same things.

My hope is that over time Google consolidates everything so each enhancement is clear.

At the very least, this evolution shows that Google is committed to their structured data programs and shows the value in it for Shopify stores.

With these changes from Google, now is a good time to make sure your store’s structured data in is order.

And JSON-LD for SEO is the easiest and safest option in the Shopify app store to automatically add that data.

Already trusted by over two thousand stores, it’s among the top SEO apps overall.


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