Lost and worried: Comparing JSON-LD for SEO and other Shopify SEO apps

By Ilana Davis

When you’re trying to figure out which Shopify apps to install it can be confusing to compare all of the options.

Especially within the SEO app space where there are dozens of apps that all do different things.

I’m asked to compare JSON-LD for SEO to other apps frequently, but after one customer mentioned the frustrations she was having, I felt like it would be worth sharing my response with you too:

I’m impressive with your reviews, but I have tons of doubts and I’m sorry if I will ask a stupid question…
What’s the difference between you and SEO Manager? Should I have both? I have installed Plug In SEO but I didn’t see any change. I’m lost and worried…

I can totally understand why you have doubts. The common view of SEO as an industry is that it’s filled with a bunch of scammers with only a handful of actual experts who know what they are doing.

There’s a severe trust deficit.

But that’s a rant for a another day…

Comparing SEO Manager, Plug In SEO, and other SEO apps to JSON-LD for SEO are a bit difficult because they do different things.

SEO Manager and other SEO apps tend to offer a broad set of good features which are useful if your theme doesn’t have those (meta descriptions, alt tags, etc). Some of them like SEO Manager also provide a limited set of structured data.

JSON-LD for SEO on the other hand is 100% focused on providing great structured data.

It has a more complete set of data and also integrates with several review apps to create structured data for your product reviews (e.g. 101 customers rating this 4.5 stars).

If you’re happy with another SEO app’s structured data or you don’t want your reviews to show up in the search results, you might not need my app.

If you don’t use your other SEO app and just want the structured data, my app would be a good fit.

Or you can run both. Google is okay with multiple sets of duplicated structured data and they’ll use the one they consider the best (usually the one from my app).

If you don’t have JSON-LD for SEO yet, what’s holding you back from installing it?


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