Can I send automatic emails to anyone who visits my site?

By Ilana Davis

Who gets lots of traffic but no one is purchasing? You spend lots of money on Google Ads and Facebook marketing to drive traffic, but the conversions just aren’t there.

One person asked if there was a way to send automatic emails to anyone who lands on their Shopify site as a way to increase conversions.

Can I send automatic emails to anyone who visits my site?

Great question, however, to be honest, even if you could, doesn’t mean you should.

The short answer

Visitors must opt-in to receive emails from you, so the short answer to their question is no.

The long answer

I would find out why they are not purchasing after visiting your site.

Here are a bunch of questions you should be asking yourself to figure out why visitors aren’t becoming customers.

Why do they visit?

What products, pages and links are they clicking on? What pages get the most traffic? Do they leave after one page or do they browse for a bit before leaving?

Do they have the information they need?

Are pictures clear? Do your product descriptions give them everything they need to know before making the decision to purchase? Are your products priced appropriately for your audience? Do your other pages make sense? Is the order of your content clear and tell a story?

Why would they come back?

Are people adding to their cart before they leave? Do you have emails set up for those who abandon their cart? Is your product a one-and-done product or will they come back for more?

Do you have a story?

Do you have a compelling reason why you started your store? Do they feel connected with your experience?

In summary, people need information before they buy. Simply putting up a product without details, won’t compel them to purchase. Customers want to know they are buying from a reputable company. Tell them why your product is going to solve their problem and make their life better.

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