Are you ignoring revenue on your Shopify store?

By Ilana Davis

Last week I gave a lightning talk for HotJar. If you’ve never heard of a lightning talk, it’s supposed to be a quick five-minute presentation with five slides or less. You know, so the audience can avoid death by PowerPoint.

In the talk, I show you how our instinct is to design or build e-commerce stores for customers that act and behave as we do.

The customers you target, usually, they are just like you. And that’s natural because you understand them. I mean you. I mean them. You know what I mean.

Yet you could be losing revenue.

What if I told you that by not purposefully designing for inclusivity, you could be ignoring revenue?

What if I told you that designing for inclusivity could be small changes to your Shopify store that will directly impact conversions and the don’t have to cost a lot of money?

Ok, enough of the preamble. Just watch the video.

Designing for Inclusivity – HotJar Lightning Talk

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