A new look and feel

By Ilana Davis

Ordinarily, I’m in the “make a bunch of small tweaks and changes” camp. Heck, I built the Website Rescues for exactly this.

Optimizing your site with small changes can reduce the amount of friction your customers may experience. Those who visit your Shopify store on a regular basis know exactly where they need to go for the latest information. That’s why I find making small changes can be less jarring for customers.

Unfortunately, sometimes more than a few changes are needed.

For JSON-LD for SEO, a larger, full redesign was long past due. When I acquired the Shopify app over a year ago, I made a few minor changes but it had been a few years since anyone gave it the attention it needed. Not to mention, the particular design tool I was using, was no longer maintained creating more urgency for an update.

The other reason for a much-needed redesign is that the app has evolved over the last year. There are more options than ever and new features with more to come. It was once a long one-page app. But as I release more features, it becomes harder to highlight what is most important for customers.

Last week, I released a whole new redesign of JSON-LD for SEO. The redesign took a few weeks, but it was worth it in the end. The goal was to create a better user experience but if you notice something off or it doesn’t make sense, I want to know!


Tech tools go in and out of fashion all the time. Many developers think they’ll make a few bucks, get bored, and proceed to leave it untouched. So it’s important to transition away from tools that aren’t supported anymore.

Needs also change. New products or campaigns are highlighted at different times. Having the right tool or design can help to guide your customers down the right path.

The same goes for Shopify themes. If you’re considering a move to the new Online Store 2.0 themes, this may be on your mind as well. Especially as many legacy themes from Shopify such as Debut, will not be updated or maintained going forward.

If you’re a customer of JSON-LD for SEO and have feedback, I’d love to hear from you – good or bad. Not a customer? I won’t hold it against you.


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