Web Accessibility Checklist

User experiences matter. Consider web accessibility as an important part of your design with this checklist.

Website Accessibility Checklist with six sections: Text, Audio / Visual, Popup, Forms, Page Navigation and Other.


  • Semantic HTML to designate headings, landmarks, lists, special text etc
  • Semantic HTML or ARIA is used in forms, form labels and frame titles
  • Content and visual elements are conveyed by more than color
  • Body text is at least 16px, preferably 18px with a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1
  • Larger text, at least 24px, and bolded text have a contrast ratio of at least 3:1
  • Text is aligned center, left or right, not justified
  • Paragraph text has a line spacing of 1.5
  • Links are conveyed by more than color eg: when hovered or receives focus is underlined
  • Links have a purpose and can be easily determined


  • Buttons and inputs have a descriptive value and labels
  • Forms are clearly labeled and have clear instructions
  • Required fields with specific format, value or length are labeled with requirements
  • Errors are clearly identified and easily fixed to resubmit the form

Audio / Visual

  • Ability to pause, stop, mute or adjust volume that automatically plays
  • Add Alt-text for all images
  • Include captions and/or text transcripts
  • Images of text is only used for decoration
  • Automatic moving, blinking or scrolling content can be paused, stopped or hidden


  • Content presented on hover or keyboard focus can be dismissed with the esc key
  • Interruptions (alerts, page updates, etc) can be postponed or suppressed by the user
  • Content remains visible until the focus is moved away from the trigger, has been dismissed, or it’s no longer relevant

Page Navigation

  • Page functionality is available using only a keyboard
  • Visually see where you are using keyboard focus
  • Keyboard focus is never locked or trapped
  • Pages have descriptive and informative page titles
  • Frames and iframes are appropriately titled
  • Skip Navigation link is provided
  • Identify page regions/landmarks
  • Menu items remain in their order throughout the site


  • Orientation of web content is responsive and allows for portrait and landscape
  • Time limits are adjustable or extendable unless a time limit is absolutely needed
  • Page language is identified using HTML
  • Focusing on an element or entering information does not substantially change the page