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Pink Pig home page on a laptop

The Results

Pink Pig did a great job of processing the information in the video and turning into a website that flowed and was easy to follow.

Just look at their before and after images below. I’m blown away at the improvements and what’s more important, is that Pink Pig is now happy with their site and is excited to see how the changes impact their sales.

The Website Review was incredibly helpful. I needed someone to take a look at my Shopify site to see if there was any room for improvement. I liked my home page, however I just wanted to make sure the theme was appropriate and I needed Ilana to provide her expertise. I truly appreciated her honesty and professional approach. It was also great to have the video for future references instead of jumping on a phone call. Without a doubt, I’d recommend this service to others.

Pink Pig

Debb Schrodt
Pink Pig Shopify Store


Pink Pig is a lifestyle boutique located in the Adirondacks in New York. In the early days of their business, they started selling antiques and cottage furniture before expanding their product base.

They reached out to me because they had a developer do some work on their Shopify theme about a year and a half prior. Since that time, they noticed a large drop in traffic before starting to stabilize again. They were concerned that changes that were made may have taken them in the wrong direction and wanted to get some overall feedback on the site.

How I Helped

As with all Website Reviews, Pink Pig received a 45-minute video that followed me (the customer) as I landed on their website all the way through product pages and conversion decisions.

In the video, you can hear the friction I experienced almost immediately. Feedback included but was not limited to:

  • clarity on the brand messaging
  • accessibility improvements
  • not being able to read the text
  • content recommendations and grammatical changes
  • confusion on the product pages
  • feeling that everything is smashed together (lack of white space)
  • responsive views for mobile


Pink Pig website before the website review


Pink Pig website after the website review

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