Will Google be using JSON-LD for the foreseeable future?

By Ilana Davis

A JSON-LD for SEO customer asked yesterday about the future of JSON-LD which was rather timely given recent news with data-vocabulary:

Is there a chance the app could become redundant in the future? Or will Google be using JSON-LD for the foreseeable future?

No one can predict the future of Google but they have been integrating JSON-LD into more and more products over time.

It’s a big part of Search, Image Search, Ads/Merchant Center/Shopping, Search Console, Gmail, and probably others I’m forgetting.

That’s just Google. There’s also Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Pinterest…

As of right now JSON-LD is Google’s recommended structured data format. It has been for a few years now.

One way to look at this is to see how they treated a prior structured data type.

Back in 2011 the data-vocabulary type was phased out of the search engines in favor of the Schema.org type. But Google still supported data-vocabulary until April 2020 when it’s going to actually be removed from Google. So it’s been a dead technology for 9 years before it stopped working in Google. Even if JSON-LD is replaced by a newer technology tomorrow, it’ll have a long life before it’s completely unsupported.

(And don’t forget how many Google products and initiatives end up getting cancelled or closed after they are tried for a bit)

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