Why your product prices from your Shopify store are missing in search results

As part of JSON-LD for SEO I review the structured data from a lot of themes.

Many themes have poorly designed structured data which results in Google ignoring it completely, which prevents the store from ever getting Rich Snippets.

The number #1 problem I see?

Product prices formatted incorrectly.

Product prices are such a key data item that even if the theme does everything else correctly, the store is still at a disadvantage.

Showing your product prices in structured data is easy too. All you need is a price attribute with the decimal price and a priceCurrency attribute with the currency name.

That’s it.

The problem is that many themes either don’t list the price at all which is an error or they try to combine the price and currency which results in a warning.

An error will mean you don’t get any product rich snippets.

A warning means that Google might try to fix it for you and give you rich snippets. But since that’s the wrong format, they could change their mind at any time and remove your rich snippets.

To see if you’re store is affected, run your store thorough Googles Structured Data Testing Tool and see if your product are showing up with prices.

If you want to ensure your structured data is complete and error-free, JSON-LD for SEO is my Shopify app that creates and exports your structured data automatically. It’s an easy way to handle any broken theme structured data by adding a well-formatted JSON-LD set of structured data.

Eric Davis

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