Why use back-in-stock notifications?

By Ilana Davis

Sometimes, big sales days can take a huge hit to your inventory. It’s obviously a good thing but on occasion, you sell more than expected.

There’s also a fine line between stocking too many products and not enough.

When you know you’re going to get/make more, encouraging customers to come back on their own can be difficult without back-in-stock notifications.

Think of back-in-stock notifications as a great way to keep customers engaged, without requiring them to remember who you are or what site they found the perfect gift.

Especially when they are buying gifts. Time is of the essence because there is a specific date they need to receive the product.

So it’s important to communicate with your customers when you expect to have products back-in-stock.

Using clear communication on your product page for the expected back-in-stock date is really key here. What you don’t want is someone to be waiting for the product only to miss an important date such as Christmas or a birthday. As soon as you have a date when it should be in-stock again, update your product page.

The way it works, is customers select to be notified via email when the product they were looking for is… you guessed it… back-in-stock.

They provide their email and in exchange, as soon as you update your inventory, they receive a nice surprise in their email box.

Don’t forget to ask them to opt-in to your regular email list!

You’ve put a lot of hard work into your store this past year. Don’t waste peak retail sales months and start preparing for future sales in your Shopify or Squarespace store.

Ask me how we can work together to add features to your Shopify or Squarespace site just like this.


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