How regularly does Google crawl a Shopify store

By Ilana Davis

A customer asked:

How often does Google crawl my site? Do I need to have them recrawl whenever I change a product?

Google will crawl your site automatically once they see it’s live and not passworded.

Whenever they crawl a site, they’ll look at every new page they find linked to.

If you aren’t seeing new products or pages show up, they probably haven’t seen them yet. What could happen is that you’ve published things since the last time they’ve crawled. Google factors in things like how much content is changing, search clicks, traffic, and many other things in their crawl frequency.

Basically, the more popular and active a site is the more frequent the crawls. is crawled all the time. Part of that is because the sites been around for many years, has over 500 pages, and a considerable number of links built up to it. This makes it a trusted site in Google’s eyes. I can post something new and see it indexed and ranking within 24 hours.

But if I started a new site, it might be weeks in between crawls by Google.

You also need to make sure that Google is able to find all of your content on the page too. If you’re not clear or if your theme isn’t optimized for it, you might be confusing the Google crawler which can hurt your search listings.

That’s why I recommend JSON-LD for SEO for every Shopify store who doesn’t have complete and correct structured data from their theme. It’s an easy way to ensure that Google can read and process the important pages on your store.


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