The most important page on your website

As an e-commerce site, you might say your most important page on your website is your product page. After all, without a product page, you can’t make sales. Right?

I beg to differ.

The Most Important Page On Your Website

Sure if you don’t have a page for what you are trying to sell, you can’t actually make any money.

When customers look at a product on a website however, customers are also looking to make sure they will actually get the product they ordered. They will do some research to find a good price, recommendations, and most importantly, a company they can trust to spend their money.

After spending a short amount of time on your website, if they feel like they are going to be ripped off, they will look elsewhere.

Customers want to know your business is legit and that if they need to get ahold of you, they can. There’s nothing worse than paying money to a black hole.

Having a Contact Us page on your Shopify or Squarespace site is one simple way to build that trust. But don’t just have a form for them to fill out. Add a way for them to contact you. Ideally, you’ll have an email, phone number, and address.

Ok ok! I hear you. If you’re in e-commerce, maybe you don’t have a brick and mortar and you are afraid someone will know where you live. You can always get a PO Box. If you can’t swallow that, omit the address if you must but at least show an email and social platforms.

I’d also avoid making it super complicated for a customer to find your contact information. I promise they won’t spend the time looking and instead, go somewhere else.

Use a /contact or /contact-us URL because that’s what users will be searching for.

Quick tip: Use a hyperlink for your email. Don’t make the customer copy and paste the email address. Use and it will automatically open up a new email window.

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