The ebbs and flows of customer acquisition

By Ilana Davis

Recently, I’ve been drowning in emails. In a good way.

I’ve always done a lot of writing and emailing. As far as content strategies go, they work well for me. But it takes time before you notice any sort of value in the content that's put out there.

Add to that the recent Google updates, something I can't control or predict, and my email box gets out of control.

It’s a great feeling to be a trusted resource for each one of you and it's exactly what I want to be doing.

Really, thank you for trusting me to provide answers to your questions.

But it wasn’t always like this. There were months when I was producing quality writing and sharing advice, but nothing was happening. As if I was writing to the void. It was becoming more and more difficult to create content when it felt like it wasn’t working.

After Google's latest update, I felt overwhelmed and then I remembered how I felt back when I got started. That’s when I realized that this problem, this full inbox of potential customers, was exactly what I wanted.

Some of the questions in my inbox were for articles and community responses from months ago. That's just the way it is with SEO. You write something and have no idea how it will land. Then out of the blue, traffic comes rolling in.

I answer questions from store owners who bought JSON-LD for SEO all the time and turn those questions into articles. I have to remind myself that if one customer has the question, it's likely that others do too. So I write the article in hopes that someone will ask Google the same question and my article will be the one they click on.

Although my inbox has been nuts recently, I just needed to have my little pity party and then get back to work.

If you’re at a point where it feels like you’re grinding away at your business but nothing much is happening, have patience. If you can make it through this grind, that’s a barrier that can protect you from competitors who can’t hang in there.


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