The best email subject I've seen in a while

By Ilana Davis

As a business owner, it can feel really lonely at times. I’m sure you all know what I mean by this. Even if you have team members or you have a partner that works side by side with you. It can still feel lonely.

That’s why it’s really important to celebrate your wins. Who else would you celebrate those wins with than your very own customers?

I received a great email from Triple Mountain Model Horses, a Shopify store for collectors of Breyer model horses. They were celebrating an upcoming win while rewarding the very people who got them there.

Subject: Someone’s Triple Mountain Order Will Be FREE!
Preview: Our 10,000th order could happen today!

The subject line was perfect. Eleda, owner of Triple Mountain, shared with me that it led to double the number of orders they usually see in a given 24 hour period.

This one email saw a 7.3% conversion rate, up from their average of 3.53% in the last month.

Eleda also shared that she threw this together at the last minute. She didn’t even realize she was approaching the 10k milestone because she was so busy with pre-orders and new releases.

“You only break into 5-digits for the first time once, so it’s definitely worth celebrating!”

This approach is awesome because there is no mass discounting or lowering the value in the products they offer. They also aren’t giving something away for free to everyone, just one person. Which means the costs of this campaign to give a free product or two is fairly low.

One thing I was worried about, but should never have doubted, was if they were going to take this back to their site. Of course they did!

Bringing it back to their website is so important because it creates a consistent message. When their customers click on the link to shop, they are reminded that their order might be free.

Not only did I see a call out on their homepage for the huge milestone, but they also shared who the winner was. Many customers feel fooled by promos that they can’t actually win. The Triple Mountain team has now set the expectation that future promotional offers like this are legit.

“It shows that even a last moment celebration works.”

Not all campaigns will be planned in advance. What can you celebrate with your community?

Congrats to Triple Mountain on this amazing milestone. Thank you for sharing with the people who got you there and keep up the amazing work!


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