Detailed product Structured Data that JSON-LD for SEO creates for Shopify

JSON-LD for SEO adds a little over a dozen fields for every product in your store.

Many of them are dynamic depending on what product data you’ve entered into Shopify.

Here’s a list of what might be added.

  • Brand
  • sku
  • mpn
  • description
  • url
  • name
  • image
  • itemCondition
  • aggregateRatings (reviews)

Each product variant also includes an Offer set of data with:

  • price
  • currency
  • itemCondition
  • url
  • sku
  • mpn
  • availability
  • priceValidUntil
  • gtin
  • gtin8
  • gtin12
  • gtin13

If you’re looking for any other fields, I’d be happy to add them if they make sense and I can get the data from Shopify for them.

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