The essential structured data for your Shopify store SEO

When you dive into the world of structured data, there’s a lot to take in and it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

Part of the reason is because structured data is much bigger than just SEO. It’s just that SEO is such a valuable part that it overshadows the other uses for ecommerce stores.

Today I wanted to give you a quick overview of what structured data your store needs to have. Most stores have a few elements from this list but without all of it, you’re at a disadvantage.


  • name
  • url
  • description
  • logo
  • sameAs


  • description
  • name
  • url
  • price (part of offers)
  • priceCurrency (part of offers)
  • availability (part of offers)

Product reviews

  • ratingValue
  • ratingCount

Additionally, every variant of your product should appear as an Offer. The majority of the Shopify themes I see don’t do this and only expose the first product variant.

That’s a huge mistake.

With these fields, along with the few required fields for each type, you should have the minimum viable structured data for your store. It should be just enough to get Google’s rich snippets.

Now if you want something more complete which includes dozens of more fields and data types like Article, Recipe, and Videos, I have to recommend my own JSON-LD for SEO Shopify app.

The entire point of the app is to save you money and time because you don’t have to hire a web developer to learn how to setup your structured data, add it to your theme, test it, and then keep it updated. It’s one of those things an app can do far more effectively than a person.

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Get more organic search traffic for your Shopify store