Stop highlighting your structured data in Shopify by using JSON-LD

Andrew emailed me the other day asking about Google’s Structured Data Highlighter tool and JSON-LD for SEO:

Does this mean I won’t need to use the "Data Highlighter" tool to optimize Search Appearance with Google?

Google’s Data Highlighter tool is a way to select parts of the pages and mark them up as structured data.

Think of it as telling Google: "this box here is my product, here’s the price, and here are the color options".

Google will then use this to extract your data and build a set of structured data for your store.

The problems with Data Highlighter are that it’s tedious and easy to mess up.

Change your Shopify theme and you’ll have to redo everything from scratch. Rearrange how your products are displayed and you’ll have to re-create them in the tool.

Pretty making any significant change to your storefront and you’ll need to double check the Data Highlighter.

That’s the context behind Andrew’s email. He wanted to know if he could stop using the Data Highlighter as a JSON-LD for SEO customer.

Yes he can (and you can too if you’re a customer).

Since JSON-LD for SEO automatically finds and formats your structured data on every page of your store, you don’t need to use the Data Highlighter at all.

Eric Davis

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