Spend 10 minutes for peace of mind

By Ilana Davis

For many of you, the holiday season is in full swing. For others, you’re likely feeling excited to kick things off in the next few days. Unless of course, you sell swimsuits but I’m going to assume this is your busy season.

Hopefully by this time you’ve already tested your checkouts and ensured that customers can find what they are looking for and make purchases.

If not, spend some time today and make sure a new customer can find what they need and checkout seamlessly.

Backup your theme one more time just in case. You’ll be happy you did in case something goes completely haywire and you need a clean version of your theme.

The best advice I can give you today is to stop fusing with your website.

There should be no more major changes.

No more design updates.

No more last-minute apps to install.

Focus on ensuring customers have a great experience. If you hear there are bugs or someone needs help, resolve it as soon as possible.

Your attention should be on providing the best customer service. Not adding color swatches or whatever else you think customers want right now.

What they want, is to quickly make purchases without having to jump through hoops and they don’t want any hiccups along the way.

If there is something you’re thinking about adding, let me know and we can absolutely get you on the calendar with the intent to roll out in 2020. I’m actively seeking out clients now for January and I’ve only got a few slots left.

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.


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