Show compatible products to reduce customer service and returns

By Ilana Davis

One of the hardest things about buying tech products is making sure your accessories are also compatible.

After getting the latest iPhone 15, I had to also buy all new cables to work with USB-C instead of lightning. Yes, the iPhone came with a USB-C to USB-C cable, but I needed more than one.

Leaning on my favorite cable supplier, Anker, I found the cable I needed and was ready to checkout. But then... Anker reminded me that a wall charger would be essential too.

Anker Universal Compatibility section includes products under USB-C Chargers, Compatible devices, and Reminder to get a USBC charger not a USBA charger.

Anker did a great job including cross-sell options on the product page. They included USB-C chargers, compatible devices (though they left off the iPhone 15), and a reminder to get a USB-C charger, not a USB-A.

Perhaps their only downfall is that screenshot above, is also an image on their website. No links out to the products or collections they are recommending so I would still have to search for compatible products. So close!

Baymard also wrote an article recommending that you always show a list of compatible products on mobile. They caution removing essential pieces to the product page to simplify the page on mobile. Baymard calls this "false simplicity". Instead, they recommend adding MORE cross-sell lists on mobile product pages.

Not showing compatible products can make your customers' shopping experience a complete dud. It can be frustrating to get the new product, only to realize you can't use it because something as essential as a charger is missing.

Next thing you know, the customer is calling your support or worse yet, returning the product because they thought it was all included.

Example of recommending cables with a handheld camera with Linking Llama.

Instead, show a simple compatible products section on your product page with Linking Llama. Make their shopping experience as smooth as possible and increase your AOV while you're at it.


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