Does your Shopify structured data need to be mobile compatible for mobile Rich Snippets?

Mobile has become very important with ecommerce so it’s logically that mobile SEO has also become an important channel.

A customer Arjun asked:

What about mobile? Does JSON-LD for SEO work seamlessly with mobile SEO too?

Structured data and mobile are interesting but I bet you wouldn’t guess my response…

Mobile doesn’t matter with structured data at all.

The reason is simple.

What happens is that Google will visit your store using their web crawler program, see the structured data, and then start to add that structured data to the information they have on your store.

Technically speaking Google’s web crawler isn’t a mobile visitor. It might pretend at times to see if you’re doing things differently in mobile but it’ll still process what it finds.

Whatever crawler they use, they’ll still find the structured data in your store (assuming you’re using JSON-LD for SEO or your theme isn’t like the 99% of themes with broken structured data… but I digress, that’s a rant for another day).

Since Google can find the structured data, they can analyze it.

Since they can analyze it, then they’ll start to add Rich Snippets for your store.

And once you get Rich Snippets, you’ll get them for both desktop and mobile searches.

(Though like always, what you see will depend on Google’s personalization algorithm. Right now I’m seeing Rich Snippets showing up more frequently on mobile searches than desktop searches)

To directly answer Arjun’s question: structured data works seamlessly on mobile because mobile isn’t a factor in the structured data and Rich Snippet approval process.

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