Shopify Product Reviews app unavailable May 2024

By Ilana Davis

If you're using Shopify's Product Reviews app, this is for you!

Over the last six months, there's been a lot of confusion around the disappearance of the Shopify Product Reviews app from the Shopify App Store. One day, it was just gone from the App Store without explanation.

The thought was that they were revamping the widely used review app. It made sense since it was outdated and its features were falling behind other review apps.

Now we know that Shopify will officially deprecate (end of life) the Shopify Product Reviews app as of May 6, 2024. JSON-LD for SEO customers will continue to receive support for the review app integration until we know it's for sure gone.

Shopify was very clear that reviews would be deleted on May 6th. Their help docs clearly state

After this time, you'll no longer have access to your existing product reviews, and reviews from the app will no longer display on your store. To continue collecting and displaying product reviews on your store, you need to migrate to another product review app before May 6, 2024.


That's not a lot of time and frankly, I'm shocked that they are giving only 3 full months notice. It wouldn't surprise me if this date gets extended, but for now, you should take action.

If you are currently using or have used Shopify Product Reviews in the past, make sure you export your reviews. It's not difficult to export your reviews and many other review apps are more than happy to help you.

You can then take your product reviews export to any other review app.

Here's the complete list of review app integrations. If you use any of them, JSON-LD for SEO can pull in their data and format it correctly for Google.

From the Product Reviews app, select Settings. Then from the Actions dropdown, select Export.

Export reviews from the Shopify Product Reviews app. First step is to select SETTINGS

Export reviews from the Shopify Product Reviews app. Second step is to select the ACTIONS dropdown and then EXPORT


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