Shopify, JSON-LD, microdata, and currency apps... oh my!

A customer Jeremy wrote me a question about using a currency app on his store so customers can see the price in different currencies.

In prior discussion you mentioned your frustration with “currency apps”. Will app bust the JSON data for price?

I love the idea of currency apps because they make the price clearer to the customer.

The main problem I’ve seen with them is that they change the page so the currency and HTML code is added to the price. Usually with a wrapping HTML element (e.g. span) or two.

Sometimes this causes the currency or even the HTML to end up inside the theme’s microdata, which causes it to become invalid.

That could end up breaking any product Rich Snippets.

It can also mess up Google Merchant Center because they are super-strict around pricing structured data. If it’s not correct they could start to freeze your ads.

Make sure that you also aren’t automatically changing the content on the page based on the user’s IP.

But since JSON-LD for SEO doesn’t use the existing theme microdata, these currency apps don’t affect my app’s data. JSON-LD for SEO gets the price and currency straight from Shopify so the currency apps are unable to accidentally break its price data.

And if you’re using Merchant Center you can remove any microdata from your theme so that only JSON-LD for SEO’s data is used by Google.

That way the currency apps can do whatever they want while you still have good structured data.

If you haven’t installed JSON-LD for SEO yet and you’re not sure if your currency app is messing with your prices, send me an email and I’ll run a structured data audit on your store. It’s free and will let you know if my app could help you at all.

Or you can just install JSON-LD for SEO and be sure you have the correct data showing up.

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