Shopify Bundles and JSON-LD for SEO

By Ilana Davis

Shopify announced a new free Shopify Bundles app last week.

Reviews aren't great, lets be honest but that's how most of Shopify's apps start out. Their goal isn't to build THE app for all stores. Quite the opposite in fact.

Take this quote from Tobi on their subscriptions app which was also announced: Tweet from Tobi Lutke: Yea. Our app is basic and utilitarian (but works extremely well).  This is meant as a floor. We hope that all the apps will raise the ceiling by providing more and more complex and exciting implementations

The Shopify Bundles app may be rudimentary at best and have limitations, but it does get the job done in many cases.

The goal now is for other bundles apps to improve the quality of their apps.

One thing I'm excited to see is more bundle apps working with JSON-LD for SEO.

That's right!

The Shopify Bundles app works automatically with JSON-LD for SEO.

When you have Shopify Bundles and JSON-LD for SEO installed, product markup is automatically added via JSON-LD for SEO. That means your bundled products can now qualify for Product Rich Results.

Want to see the Shopify Bundles app in action? Check out this sample product from JSON-LD for SEO's demo store. Shopify Bundles app with two products in the bundle

If you're using a bundles app, ask them if they've upgraded to the latest versions of Shopify's APIs. If so, we may be able to automatically pull your bundle data too.


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