Reduce abandon carts with a simple shipping tip

By Ilana Davis

It’s no secret. Many Shopify stores already do this and perhaps you just didn’t realize how easy it can be.

If you want a quick win and instantly decrease abandon carts, offer free shipping.

Don’t worry, you’re not going to eat the cost.

Add the shipping to the cost of your product.

How does this reduce abandon carts you say? Not sure about you but I, on many occasions, have added items to my cart only to find out it will cost more in shipping than the product itself. So naturally, I decide not to purchase.

Let’s say you sell a dress that cost $44.99. Ground shipping in the US costs maybe $7. Make the cost of the dress $51.99 with free shipping.

Add a large banner across the top of your page that says “Free USPS Ground Shipping” and voila!

Notice how I had “USPS”?

That’s a clear sign that it is only for US customers. You can still offer an option to pay for expedited or international shipping.

Avoid just saying “Free Shipping”. This will reduce confusion and keep control of your costs. Otherwise, a customer may assume that having it shipped overnight is also free. We certainly don’t want that!

You can also offer free shipping when you “spend $50 or more” or on specific types of products like “all sundresses”.

See what happens. Worst case, you move it back.


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