Product ID change for custom JSON-LD for SEO integrations

By Ilana Davis

I’ve just released a product ID change for JSON-LD for SEO.

This will only impact you if you’ve hand coded additional structured data for your products to link with the app.

If you’ve only used the configuration panel, this does not impact you and you can ignore the rest of this article.

If you’re reading this part, that means you’ve coded some custom structured data to link to JSON-LD for SEO, perhaps using this doc.

As of now the default ID suffix used for Product data has been changed from #product to #json-ld-for-seo. For example:

  • Old ID:
  • New ID:

There are three reasons this change was made.

  1. There are a number of Shopify SEO apps now using that same #product ID which is causing potential conflicts when those apps are installed or changed. Oftentimes breaking working data from JSON-LD for SEO without you knowing.

  2. The #product was used to integrate with a specific product reviews app but I’ve found that it silently made a change so that its ID is no longer stable. I’ve since replaced that integration with my own which will be much more stable, so there’s no reason to continue using that ID.

  3. With the high number of errors in other apps due to Google’s changes last September/October, the new #json-ld-for-seo ID makes it clearer where the product data is coming from.

If you have custom code linked to the old #product ID you’ll need to do one of the following:

  1. Either change your code to link to the new #json-ld-for-seo ID. This is the recommended option and will be the most resilient to change or conflicts.

  2. Or login to JSON-LD for SEO and at the bottom of the settings there is a field to change what suffix to use. You can enter product in there to change your configuration back to the previous value.

This could put you at risk for conflicts if you install other SEO apps that use that same ID so be careful what you install.

Either way, I’m sorry for making a bit of work for you. I’ve been seeing a lot more apps using the same ID and I learned about the unstable review app at the end of December. I held off on the change until now so as not to disrupt anything during the holidays.


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