One-time vs monthly recurring Shopify apps

By Ilana Davis

It’s the time of year when we often set resolutions that never stick. Fun stat: in 2019, about 50% of new gym members quit within 6 months.

Gyms typically charge a monthly cost for access to their equipment. They may also give you a trial period for the first week. Let’s estimate the monthly cost to be $50/month per person. Then there are the enrollment fees, extra passes to bring a buddy, personal training packages, access to the pool and lessons, and of course daycare. The costs add up.

I avoid the gym and decided to buy a Ring Fit. We paid a one-time cost of $80 to exercise at home with no monthly fee and anyone in the family can use the app. A little more now for the benefit of using the Ring Fit to our heart’s content without limitation. If we decide to stop using it one day, it’s no big deal because we aren’t paying for it monthly.

Over a year later, we still use the Ring Fit. That’s a savings of $520 per person over the last year! (This is not an advertisement for the Ring Fit)

Gym membership payments are very similar to Shopify app payments.

SEO apps charge a monthly subscription fee (like a gym membership) that grants access to different features. Often you have to pay more to get access to high-end features.

There are a few SEO apps like JSON-LD for SEO that charge a flat one-time fee only. We’re the Ring Fit’s of the world.

It may feel like you’re spending more money because it’s an upfront cost, but over time it actually costs you less.

That’s why JSON-LD for SEO is a one-time investment. Since you’ll get the benefit of the app immediately, you’re charged for the work straight away, as if you’d hired a web developer to do the work for you.

How many months will you go to the gym? Are you trying it out for 3 months or is it something you’ll continue to use for years and years?

Successful stores are always doing SEO and have no plans of ever quitting. If you’re going to be working on your SEO for the next how many years, you’d have paid for the one-time app many times over.

As you consider different apps for your Shopify store, don’t just look at the monthly price. Consider the overall investment and the benefits you get. Evaluate each app and make sure you fully understand the pricing structure before installing.

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