Do you need to use different alt text for every product image for your Shopify SEO?

By Ilana Davis

Gary, a JSON-LD for SEO customer, emailed me a question about SEO and image alt text.

Does the "alt text" for images need to be different for every image or can a single product have similar alt text for all of that products images?

Good question.

If you use the same alt text for all images, Google will most likely only notice one image because they aren’t unique. Which might be fine depending on the images.

You can also use similar text, which might be easier to write. e.g. "Front of the PRODUCT NAME", "Back of PRODUCT NAME", "PRODUCT NAME when installed"

The image alt text also is a big factor in Google’s Image Search so the closer you can get to what customers would search for, the better.

Shopify has a few other tips here, #1 and #2 are for SEO.

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