Leveraging SEO Schema - eCommerce Fuel Podcast

By Ilana Davis

I recently chatted with Andrew Youderian of eCommerceFuel.com on all things schema structured data markup and SEO.

In this recording, you'll hear:

  • The lowdown on SEO over the last few years. (8:45)
  • What JSON-LD and schema markups are and how they relate to SEO. (11:20)
  • How to use JSON-LD in your Shopify store. (14:00)
  • Some of the most impactful structured data. (18:00)
  • The best place to go to look at the different markup options. (27:00)
  • The top three things to focus on for a site. (31:15)
  • When to consider a large website redesign. (37:00)
  • The good, bad, and ugly about the Shopify model. (44:45)

At around the 31st-minute mark, Andrew asked me:

What are the top 3 things stores should focus on technically?

I won't spoil the tips, you'll have to listen to the podcast, but there's a 4th I'd want to add to that list.

Avoid automatically detecting your customer based on their IP address and displaying content based on their location.

Time and time again I see stores using geolocation apps and then wondering why Merchant Center is declining their ads. Displaying content based on the customers IP is a common problem that should be avoided.

Google doesn’t want you to use IP location to automatically adapt your content.

Do not use IP analysis to adapt your content. IP location analysis is difficult and generally not reliable. Furthermore, Google may not be able to crawl variations of your site properly. Most, but not all, Google crawls originate from the US, and we do not attempt to vary the location to detect site variations. Use one of the explicit methods shown here (hreflang, alternate URLs, and explicit links).

Check out this article about the issue of automatically adapting content based on IP and its negative impact on multi-currency stores.

As mentioned in the recording, if you are not a JSON-LD for SEO customer, contact me for your free structured data audit. We also offer a 7-day free trial which gives you full access to JSON-LD for SEO to test it out and see if it's a fit for you.

It was a pleasure to chat with Andrew and I hope you enjoy the podcast.

Listen to the full podcast


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