Launch new products with pre-orders

By Ilana Davis

If you’re excited to launch a new product, get your audience excited as well.

You can tease a bit leading up to the launch without actually saying what it is.

“We’ve got some fun stuff happening in February. Can’t wait to share it with you!”

Creating the buzz early means some speculation. It’s always interesting when they guess what it is but don’t spill the beans just yet. Even better, sometimes they give you ideas that you hadn’t even thought of yet.

“Oh! Please let it be a 100% wool sock. It’s just what I need to keep me warm during these cold winter days.”

“Well it wasn’t but it will be next time!”

As you start to share more details, talk about the benefits of the new product or what makes this different from any other product out there. Create a page on your website devoted to this product.

While you’re at it, set up pre-orders! Providing the option to pre-order can be key to a successful launch.

Try offering a pre-order option on limited quantities.

“We’re opening up 10 pre-order spots for one week only. Pre-sales start February 1st.”

The best part about a limited quantity launch, is you have a captive audience who can provide feedback before the full launch.

Both Shopify & Squarespace have options to enable pre-orders, but it’s much more extensive on Shopify than on Squarespace.

You can process orders on your website and ship at a later date or create a product waitlist and notify interested shoppers when it’s available via email.

My recommendation, accept the pre-order as soon as you can.

Nothing validates a new product more than pre-orders!

Have you done pre-orders before? How did it go for you?

You’ve put a lot of hard work into your new product. Don’t waste a launch and start preparing for future sales in your Shopify or Squarespace store.

Ask me how we can work together to add features to your Shopify or Squarespace site just like this.


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