JSON-LD for SEO now integrates with Shopify Product Reviews

By Ilana Davis

Shopify's Product Reviews app is one of the most popular and installed apps for adding customer product reviews to your Shopify store. Even though it's had a rough history in the past with structured data, it's still used by many stores. Unfortunately, the app didn't provide any ways to integrate with them. This meant that JSON-LD for SEO wouldn't be able to use any of your product review data to help get Google's Rich Snippets. Until now.

Automatic integration

After two days and a late night of data scraping, formatting, and general code-surgery, I was able to add support for Shopify's Product Reviews app to JSON-LD for SEO. Now JSON-LD for SEO will automatically find, extract, and format the review data from Shopify into the JSON-LD structured data format needed to get Rich Snippets in Google.

Support for the legacy Data-Vocabulary formats too

Not only that, but I also added support for Shopify's older format. There was an older data-vocabulary format that Shopify used prior to March 2017. This was recently removed by Google and caused many Shopify merchants to lose their reviews in the search results. Now, JSON-LD for SEO will automagically convert those old reviews to the new format and into JSON-LD. This can save you hours of time because you won't need to edit every single product in your store to be upgraded.

How to install

This integration is automatic once you've installed Shopify's Product Reviews and JSON-LD for SEO. Just install JSON-LD for SEO and it will start to export the reviews into Structured Data. Then the next time Google crawls your store, they'll detect them and can start the Rich Snippet analysis process.


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