JSON-LD for SEO now integrates with Ali Reviews

Update: As of March 2021, Ali Reviews has updated their app and broken all their app integrations. Since they don’t follow the standard Shopify integration guidelines either, JSON-LD for SEO no longer supports an Ali Reviews integration. I’d recommend switching to a different review app that does integrate properly.

Today the first integration of 2019 for JSON-LD for SEO has been added.

Ali Reviews joins the growing list of Magical Review Integrations that I’ve been able to add for all JSON-LD for SEO customers.

If you use or were considering using Ali Reviews, now you can use this integration to get your review data into Google.

As always, make sure your reviews follow Google’s review guidelines, not just for the structured data but the content and webmaster guidelines too.

How to enable JSON-LD for SEO’s Magical Review Integrations

Eric Davis

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