How long to see Rich Results?

By Ilana Davis

One common question I get from new JSON-LD for SEO customers is,

How long until my store’s Rich Results show up in Google?

They want to hear a simple answer like "a few days" or "72 hours" but it’s not that simple. You can’t just add structured data to your site and think it’ll be updated in the search results the next day.

Like anything worth doing, it can take a long time.

Many think SEO's are scammy and full of tricks and hacks.

This has made search engines very aggressive at combating said tricks.

That's why Google would never commit to a timeline nor do they guarantee you'll receive Rich Results.

After adding structured data to your site, Google will begin its analysis of your data.

Winning Rich Results takes an undetermined amount of time (weeks usually). You may get them, lose them, a few pages have them, oh no they disappeared again… the dance continues.

Eventually, Google begins to trust your site and the structured data and they are here to stay. Well, at least we hope they are.

That's because nothing is ever static. New algorithms come out, your content gets updated (right??), customers' needs change, and so on.

Just like you're trying to find what content fits your customers' needs, Google is trying to figure out what they need too.

Frankly, Google has a tough job, I know I don't want it. They are trying to weed out the get-rich-quick schemes or the scummy sites and reward those who are willing to put in the hard work.

It takes time to figure out who's who and sometimes they get it wrong.

If your Shopify store doesn’t have Rich Results yet, you’ll want to install JSON-LD for SEO now.

Our customers usually begin to see Rich Results around 34 days on average though it does depend on the store.

Plus when you sign up for the annual plan, you get ongoing monitoring of your results. This way you'll know if something isn't right with your structured data.


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