How long should I wait for a popup on my website?

By Ilana Davis

The best way to improve popup conversions on your Shopify website is to display your popup at the most optimal time. When is that?

For me personally, I really despise popups and usually just close them without ever reading them. Perhaps because I’m used to the spam popups I would get in the 90s. So really it’s just habit for me to ignore them.

That doesn’t help much, does it? So let’s see what you can do that might help.

The better question you should be asking is

“Have I given my visitor enough time to most likely to be influenced by my message?”

If the message pops up as soon as they land on your homepage, the chances are they most likely don’t know enough about what you offer yet and will immediately dismiss your popup. You must give them time to be interested enough to grab that 10% off, sign up for your newsletter, or purchase your limited time offer.

Let’s say, for example, you’re asking them to sign up for your newsletter. The popup appears as soon as the page loads. They don’t even know what products you’re selling yet so they certainly won’t sign up for your newsletter only to clutter their already full inbox.

What if we waited as long as possible? Is that 1 minute? 10 minutes? Ok, ok. 10 minutes isn’t even possible and not even realistic given most people spend less than 5 minutes on retail websites.

The best advice I can give is to test it!

Try it on exit, when they are preparing to leave the site. Another option is on scroll when they are halfway down the page (at least) or farther.

The point though is not to appear too quickly. Try different popups at different time intervals to see what works for you. See how many convert in a period of a few weeks depending on the traffic level of your site.

Let me know what that number is for you.


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