How a small Shopify store got my business

By Ilana Davis

Somedays, it feels as though I drink a lot of coffee. I don’t think it’s that bad, but clearly my 8 year old knows to steer clear of me before my daily dose of java.

Yet embarrassingly enough, I’ve been drinking the same generic, mass-produced coffee nearly my entire adult life simply because it was what I grew up with.

Generic coffee no more! I was determined to find a better brew.

The Quest

My ideal cup of coffee: french roast medium/dark with vanilla non-dairy creamer.
A requirement: To purchase from a small company.

I posted on social media looking for recommendations in hopes of shortening my list which only made it more confusing to me.

In a matter of minutes, I heard the typical good coffee is like wine, the region is what makes the difference which is too true. How was I supposed to know what region was best? Descriptions of “full-body” or “complex flavor” confused me even more. I wasn’t prepared to be a connoisseur. I just wanted a better cup of coffee.

The general recommendation was to try a bunch until I find one I like. Which is so frustrating. How was I to do this though without spending $15 per bag and potentially not liking whatever I buy?

So many of the roasters I was referred to, also had flavored coffee. I seriously just wanted a dark french roast. Why does coffee need to taste like bacon?

Why must this be so complicated?

Finding Success

Frustrated, spending hours looking at 30 different websites and countless bags of coffee, I took to Facebook to clear my mind.

It was there that I saw a random post from my local farmers market about a roaster that had a booth for the first time.

Something caught my eye. What did I have to lose?

What was it that made me purchase from Fetch Coffee Roasters above all the others who I had direct referrals for?

  1. They have a guide based on how I drink my coffee. Not the flavors they had to offer. This page was about me the customer, not them.
  2. When I messaged them on Facebook to confirm the flavor I think was a fit for me based on their guide, they were super helpful and responsive.
  3. They are local to me which means I’m supporting my community. Always a bonus!
  4. Fetch also gives back to the community by donating portions of their sales to the Oregon Human Society which aligned with my values.

I placed my order Friday at 7 am on their Shopify website. By 5 pm that same day, they hand-delivered it to my front door. In the bag were an extra sample, a discount on my next purchase, and a handwritten note from the owner.

Are you thinking your product is any different? It’s not. Customers want to know they are purchasing from brands they can relate to and that will treat them well.

Time for reflection. Are you answering questions that customers have about your products? Are those answers easy to find? Can they get ahold of you to ask more questions if needed? If you’re not sure, you may benefit from a Website Review. I go through your Shopify website and provide tangible feedback with specific recommendations on what you can do to improve conversions on your Shopify site.


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