How 2 hours of effort can create immense value using automation in Shopify

By Ilana Davis

Recently I finished a feature for JSON-LD for SEO which will let it automatically update the JSON-LD code snippet for every store with it installed.

It was a complex task but by having it in place, it opened up a lot of possibilities for the app and customers.

One opportunity that I took advantage of was adding a bit of automation.

As part of the structured data set that Google wants, there’s a setting for the store logo.

Sometimes it’s required, sometimes it’s optional.

A few stores had it manually configured. A few asked me to configure it for them.

Not a big deal but I wanted to do better. I wanted the JSON-LD for SEO installer to be automatic for everything so new customers didn’t have to do anything to set it up.

With that automatic updater feature and two hours of work, I added the code to automatically configure that logo for everyone.

In other words, using two hours of development I helped several hundred stores get a little better structured data. That structured data might help them attract a few more customers.

This is a prime example of automation in action.

A small amount of work, multiplied by software, becomes a large added value.

Best of all, this added value is added for everyone in the future too. Every new customer is going to benefit from it.

What are you doing to automate things in your store? Have you taken a few minutes to brainstorm what small amount of work could be multiplied by software? Take the time today to think about this.

If you want to take advantage of an automated system for your store’s structured data, checkout JSON-LD for SEO.


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