Google's official stance on structured data warnings

By Ilana Davis

After years of my own research into how Google Search works with structured data warnings, they’ve finally come out with their official documentation.

Warning: A rich result with a warning issue is eligible to appear in Google Search as a rich result. Warning issues are either suggestions for missing or invalid optional values, or errors in non-critical fields. Providing more optional field data can often enable a better experience for the user.

That mirrors my research and what I’ve been saying: that Warnings are suggestions about the code and not the common usage of the word.

Now if only they’d fix the Search Console reports so they weren’t so buggy, then maybe a lot of the confusion around structured data can be eliminated.

Most Shopify themes are filled with actual errors (not warnings) and missing data that cause them not to qualify for Google’s Rich Results. This means if you’re not using an app for that data, you’re losing out on highly visible SEO enhancements.

JSON-LD for SEO provides high-quality data that will let your store qualify for Rich Results. Often times faster than the industry averages.

Check out this video to understand more about how warnings, errors, and valid warnings work with search enhancements.


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