Google is telling you what to improve on your Shopify store

By Ilana Davis

Google Search Console helps to keep an eye on your Shopify store.

It sorta runs in the background and once a month, you receive an email that summarizes your store’s performance.

Most people, assuming they even open the email, do a quick scroll down before deleting. Perhaps pausing only to see how many clicks they got this month.

If that’s you, you’re missing a golden opportunity.

The email tells you how customers find your Shopify store and your top pages. They split it out by Top Performing Pages (most traffic) and Top Growing Pages (largest traffic increase).

These pages are driving traffic to your store. To Google, these are the most important pages at that moment.

Are those pages optimized?

Do you have a clear call to action?

Do customers know what to do on each of those pages?

Use the Google Search Console performance email report as a monthly reminder for you to look at your most important pages.

Spend 5 minutes each month to look at the top pages from the report, making sure they are at their best.

If you’re stuck and don’t know what to do, forward me your search console report with a note. I’ll do a quick evaluation of two pages, and send you back a few ideas.


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