Google Image Search is now showing product availability

Google is always changing how their search results work.

Usually to the annoyance of SEOs but sometimes… sometimes a change is good.

Recently Google Image Search started showing the product availability in the Rich Results for image searches.

Both in the result lists:

Example Google Image Search showing a list of products with their availability

and in the details:

Example Google Image Search showing the Rich Result for a single product

This brings Image Search closer to regular Search’s Product Rich Results.

But notice how the availability is in green, drawing your eye?

That’s new.

(Out of stock would be shown in red)

Maybe that’ll be added to regular Search soon too which could make Rich Results even more attractive (and important).

Every JSON-LD for SEO customer qualifies for this search enhancement as part of the regular data it adds to your Shopify store. There is specific data required that many Shopify themes and other apps are missing, so if you want to attract more Image Search traffic then you’ll want to install soon.

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