Get more traffic from your Shopify product images with Rich Snippets in Google Image Search

By Ilana Davis

Google is always changing and tweaking how their products work.

Which is great for any store that uses JSON-LD.

Since it’s the recommended data format for structured data, that means its easy to take advantage of Google’s changes and tweaks to Rich Snippets.

Recently someone asked about the new Google Image Search Rich Snippets:

I just saw that from August 1st image search results in Google have badges and product info on product related images. Will JSON-LD for SEO have available those in Google Image Search?

The good news is, the data is already there.

JSON-LD for SEO already includes all of the structured data Google requires for product Rich Snippets in both Search and Image Search.

So if you already have it installed, Google should already be seeing the structured data they want for Image Search.

It’s still up to Google to decide if they want to give you the Rich Snippets or not, that’s beyond anyone’s control.

But by having the data in place, means there’s a better chance of getting them.

If you haven’t installed JSON-LD for SEO then you might be missing out on these new Rich Snippets.

You can either install JSON-LD for SEO and be done in the next couple of minutes.


Get more organic search traffic from Google without having to fight for better rankings by utilizing search enhancements called Rich Results.

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