Free course for GA4 setup with Shopify

By Ilana Davis

Time has flown by and Google Analytics 3 is about to be no more. You may have received an email from Shopify about this transition even if you already set up Google Analytics 4.

Trust me, I don't love GA4 either. There are a lot of posts on the Shopify forum complaining about the inaccurate tracking of GA4.

If you haven't connected Google Analytics 4 to your Shopify store, you'll want to do that asap. Use this article to connect the Google Sales Channel app on Shopify with your GA4 account.

My assumption is that many folks simply connected Shopify and GA4 without any changes to the settings.

If that was you, check out this free youtube course from Analyzify. They cover a lot of topics from getting set up, to understanding how to read and change some of the reports.

I don't usually promote other apps. But Analyzify can help get your GA4 data up to par! Especially with their free youtube video course.

That's ok if you don't want to install Analyzify. You can set up GA4 yourself, though I highly recommend their one-time fee app.

That's why I was excited to see Analyzify released a free youtube video course that takes you through the entire setup to get GA4 tracking working properly on Shopify.

Going through the course myself, I can tell you it's very exhaustive (though he does talk fast). The beauty of video is that you can pause as needed. They also have a detailed guide on their website but I like the video.


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