Enhance the shopping experience with icons

By Ilana Davis

On a product page, you’ll usually find product images, details about the product (name, price, quantity, etc), and, hopefully, description text. Everyone absorbs information differently. Some need images, others maybe want videos, and some prefer good old text.

Is there another way to share information? You bet!

Icons are used all the time, and when done correctly, they communicate the core idea or intent of a product. Yet so many store owners don’t think about using them on their product page.

See if an icon would be a good option for your Shopify store. A few questions to ask may be:

  1. What am I trying to communicate?
  2. Does this icon make sense?
  3. Will text make more sense?

Some common and well-known icons:

  • Trash can in email box = delete the email.
  • Person silhouette = account profile.
  • Shopping cart = customer is ready to purchase.

A few well-recognized icons you could consider might be:

  • Rabbit = no harm to animals.
  • Truck = details on shipping or delivery.
  • Green leaf = products are made with vegan ingredients.
  • Wheat crossed out = product is made with gluten-free ingredients.
  • Globe = ships worldwide.
  • Measuring tape = size charts or fit details.

Here’s an example of icons I added to a plant-based skincare line.

Six icons for a plant-based skincare products. Examples are a leaf for 100% vegan, a heart with a paw print for no animal testing, and a flower for fragrance free.

The best part about icons is that you can get creative. Just make sure that your creativity doesn’t confuse customers with your message.

Start thinking about how you might be able to add icons to your product pages to simplify and clearly communicate to your customers. If your curious about what icons may work best for your Shopify store, you may consider a Website Review. I’ll record myself going through your website, talking about what I notice, any frustrations I experience, and provide recommendations on areas you could improve.


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