Business optimization could be crushing your Shopify customer experience

By Ilana Davis

Did you see the youtube video from BBC One called “If High Street Shopping was like Online Shopping”?

Watching the video definitely made me laugh out loud. But then I became a bit sad.

As business owners, we try to create automation and use various software tools to make OUR lives easier. After all, we can only be in so many places at once.

What we forget though is how these tools impact our customers.

If folks aren’t buying from you and you can’t figure out why, go through your website as a customer.

Pay attention to the details that you may assume is a positive experience as well as the number of hoops you’re making them jump through just to make a purchase.

Are you…

  • requiring them to create an account to make a purchase?
  • asking for irrelevant personally identifiable information such as their date of birth?
  • making them repeat themselves more than once through your chat service?
  • hiding your contact information?
  • making them work for their purchase?

HINT: The answer should be NO to all of those!

youtube video from BBC One called “If High Street Shopping was like Online Shopping”

Once you’ve had your giggle, go take a look at your site from the customer’s point of view.

Is your customer experience looking great or do you have room for improvement?

If you’re in the “room for improvement” boat, and you think your Shopify site is not customer friendly, you might consider buying my Website Review. I’ll take a look at your site and provide feedback on dozens of ways that could salvage your website.


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