Attracting customers even during a hurricane with SEO

I’ve been asking JSON-LD for SEO customers for more information about how the app has been helping their store.

What follows is a short case study from one store.

Any results may or may not be typical or what you can expect with your Shopify store. There are so many variables involved that it’s impossible to control for all of them.

Take what’s said below as a more detailed review of JSON-LD for SEO, combine it with the App Store reviews, your own personal experience and draw your own conclusions.

Without further ado, here’s what Hailey Johnson of Briny Boutique says about JSON-LD for SEO

Q: Put into numbers, what’s been the value of this app for your business?
10% more organic traffic increase of .2% conversion rate

Improved traffic and conversion rates are two of the main benefits of JSON-LD for SEO and Rich Results. A 10% traffic increase is a nice boost, especially considering how easy it was for Briny Boutique (just installing the app).

But there’s another benefit that Hailey mentioned that really shows the power of SEO and organic traffic:

Was able to still sell during hurricane Irma, even though I live in an area that was impacted by the storm. I posted the Hurricane Sale and people from around the country responded and supported my business. Without those extra sales I’m not sure what we have done.

Having an ongoing way to attract customers while you’re busy dealing with an emergency is important for any business to survive the long-term. SEO and Rich Results are a great ongoing traffic source.

Best of luck Hailey.

Though I can’t promise the same results (no on can in SEO-land), JSON-LD for SEO has been successful for thousands of other Shopify stores. Shouldn’t yours be one?

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