Are your Shopify product prices supposed to appear in the search results?

A customer Norma writes:

Are my prices supposed to show up in the search results?

Once your products show up in Google with rich snippets they may. May being the operative word.

When your products are exported to structured data they include a lot of different pieces of information, the price being one of them.

Google takes that information, combines it with what they find on the product page and all of the other similar websites, and decides which pieces of information to include in your rich snippets.

Since product prices are an important characteristic of a product, most of the time Google will show the price.

Sometimes they might decide that other pieces of information are more relevant to show though.

This can change on a search by search basis. A search for "red shoe prices" is actively looking for prices so rich snippets will probably show prices, while "red shoes in stock" might trigger the availability data to be shown instead.

As long as your including your product prices in your structured data and there are no errors with them, Google should display them when it makes sense.

If you don’t have any structured data setup or you’re not sure, you should consider installing JSON-LD for SEO. It will automatically export all of your Shopify product prices, including every variant of your products (which many others miss).

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