Adding Links to Shopify Emails

By Ilana Davis

Did you know that you can customize the email notification that goes out to customers when they’ve placed an order?

I’ve heard some merchants want to add a special link to a video with instructions on how to install their product once it’s received.

Creating a link is pretty simple actually.

You need one simple line of code but I won’t pretend it’s easy to understand. So let’s break it down quickly so you know what it all means.

Here’s the line of code:

<a href="">Installation Instructions</a>

The a defines an anchor tag in HTML that is used to define words within a text that can be clicked. The /a closes the anchor tag, telling the page that this line of code has ended.
The href stands for hypertext reference which basically tells you when the words are clicked on, where you will be redirected to.
The words between the brackets, in this case, Installation Instructions, are the words that appear on the screen. When you click on these words, you’re directed to the link defined between the quotes in the href.

Making Edits

First, let’s navigate to Settings -> Notifications

You’ll see lots of different types of notifications that you can customize. Pick the right notification for you. Perhaps you want to add the video when the order is first placed such as the Order confirmation.

Click on the notification you want to edit. You’ll now see a bunch of code. Don’t worry if you can’t understand it.

I’d click on Preview so you can see what the customer will see. Then, decide where you want to insert your link.

First preview of the email to understand what the customer recieves

Personally, I think the best location will be as close to the top as possible that way, folks don’t just skim to their order and never scroll to the bottom.

In this example, I’m going to put it under the Thank you for your purchase! and before View your order.

Updating Code

The easiest way to find this code if you can’t read code is to search for these words in the Email body (HTML) section.

Look for something like this:

{% endif %}
{% endcapture %}

Just above the endif, enter the text and code you want to use. For example:

Screenshot pointing to the area where code should go


Learn how to install the product using our <a href="">Installation Instructions</a>.
Example of what the code would look like in the body HTML

You’ll end up with something like this:

Final email sample with link to Installation instructions

Coding isn’t for everyone, so if you looked at this article and are completely confused, don’t stress. Don’t hesitate to reach out and I’ll get you squared away.


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